The Swedish Lutheran Evangelical Association in Finland (SLEAF) is a Swedish-speaking mission organisation in Finland. SLEAF is working both domestically and abroad.

The objective of SLEAF is to spread the gospel of Christ, the Bible and other literature that conforms to the Lutheran Confessions.

Since 1963 SLEAF has had about fifty missionaries in Kenya. Four missionaries in Kenya are now working with Bible translation. In 1989 SLEAF started to work in Estonia. Since 2007 SLEAF has also got workers in the Near East. SLEAF sent two missionaries to Ethiopia in 2016. This was after a call from the Ethiopian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELC).

On the mission fields SLEAF has put great emphasize on church ministry with preaching, teaching, diaconal work and teaching in schools. Church buildings and youth polytechnics have also been built with mission funds.